Dark Chocolate Life

Do you live a dark chocolate life, like I do?  Do you feel that if the chocolate is not dark, it's not worth it?  Or that the darker the chocolate, the better?  Does every day usually include at least one little piece of the dark stuff?  If this describes you, then you have arrived at the right place!

Only dark really captivates me.  Is this the same for you?  If it's milk chocolate or white chocolate, I may be interested, but I can easily pass.  If it's dark, though, I'm hooked!

Chocolate is grown on plantations on several continents, manufactured by companies large and small in many countries, and enjoyed by people everywhere.   We can enjoy our chocolate at home or while traveling.  We can each lead a truly dark chocolate life!

Let's explore the world of dark chocolate together...

Chocolate melanger
Photo by Sanjay Acharya, under licence.
Chocolate Melanger at Ghirardelli

What Is Dark Chocolate?

What is it about dark chocolate that we enjoy so much?  How is it made, and what makes it different from milk chocolate and white chocolate? What does cocoa percentage have to do with it?  Here are some answers, plus some history and trivia.

A little dark chocolate can be good for your heart!
A little dark chocolate can be good for your heart!

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

What's all the fuss over the last few years about dark chocolate health benefits?  Actually, in moderation it has benefits similar to those of green tea or red wine, only more so.   Read about the   health benefits of dark chocolate here.

Many manufacturers produce some form of restricted diet chocolate to meet the various medical or other needs of their customers.  Sometimes the restrictions come in varying degrees and may be difficult to sort out.  Here's a look at several kinds of restricted diet chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Bars

Dark Chocolate Producers

There are producers all over the world, large and small.  Here is some information on some populardark chocolate producers:  some history, and some details on the kinds of dark chocolate products they make.

Superior Almond Bark
Photo from www.superiornutstore.com

Dark Chocolate With Nuts

Dark chocolate nuts are one of the most popular taste combinations out there.  You can find dark chocolate with nuts in three basic forms:  individually covered nuts, dark chocolate nut bark or clusters, and dark chocolate bars containing nuts.  Sometimes these combinations also contain fruit or other ingredients.  Look here for dark chocolate nuts.

Dark chocolate covered strawberries
Photo by Lindsey T, under license

Dark Chocolate With Fruit

Whether covered, dipped, or as part of a dark chocolate bar, dark chocolate fruit has always been a favorite of many.  Why do we like it?  Perhaps it's the combination of bitter and sweet.  Check these dark chocolate fruit options.

Dark chocolate is, of course, wonderful all by itself, but dark chocolate with nuts, fruit, and all kinds of other ingredients is also really great.  Nuts and fruit are covered in previous sections, while this section talks about dark chocolate with many other great ingredients, such as mint, caramel, coffee, and peanut butter.

Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

Dark Chocolate Gifts

With dark chocolate, it really is as much fun to give as to receive. Of course, any dark chocolate can make a great gift, but you can also find great gift baskets and boxes, and various types of custom chocolate.  Check out these great ideas for dark chocolate gifts.

Drinking Chocolate
Photo from www.kakawachocolates.com

Drinking Chocolate

For thousands of years, drinking chocolate was the only way to consume chocolate.  And it was dark chocolate, too.  No milk.  We now think of chocolate as something to eat, but drinking chocolate is still extremely popular.