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This Dark Chocolate Blog is my on-going log of dark chocolate happenings.  You'll find an entry for each change or update I make to the site -- so you can always come here first to see what's new!

Every once in awhile I'll also insert a note here that may not reflect a new or changed page.  Maybe it's something time sensitive, like a contest or a sale.  Or maybe it's just a small item I thought you might find interesting, like a new health study, for example.

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Here's the Blog:

Dark Christmas Chocolate

In my opinion, dark chocolate IS Christmas chocolate.It's perfect for gifts and for decorating, and is just such a great part of enjoying the season.Almost any dark chocolate can make a great gift, but some of the items below are specially themedfor Christmas 2012. And some of them have a special Promotion Code or some other special deal.I've listed those. Don't wait too long to order your dark Christmas chocolate online, though.One day late is too late! Check the shipping rules for each site.

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Internet Based Business

A few years ago I had an idea that I wanted to build an internet based business.At first I was thinking only in terms of aweb site. I really had no clue where to start.I did a lot of research on the web, found a lot of junk and get rich quick schemes,and finally found a product, a service, and a community (all in one) that gave me the tools,guidance, and support I needed to be successful.

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About Me

I've always loved chocolate. Whodoesn't, right? As I've gotten older, though, I've moved more andmore to dark chocolate, which is all I want now. I enjoy darkchocolate so much that I've built a business of it with this web site.

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Halloween Chocolate

If you're looking for dark halloween chocolate, you may not have Trick or Treat in mind.But otherwise, almost any dark chocolate can be great for halloween.I mean, halloween is all about the dark, right?Here are a few special ideas.

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Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

Any dark chocolate lover will enjoy receiving a dark chocolate gift basket, gift box, or gift tin.It's the variety, and discovery of the unknown that's so attractive.In almost all cases, the chocolate combination, the basket, box, or tin,and the decoration, combine for a wonderful gift.

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Dark Chocolate Gift Certificates

Sometimes dark chocolate gift certificates can be exactly the right gift.It's difficult to know exactly what the recipient of your gift will enjoy.Or maybe there's not enough time, and you're worried that any gift you get now will arrive too late.Here is some information on some excellent gift certificates.

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Gourmet Dark Chocolate

People looking for gourmet dark chocolate are looking for a combination of superior quality in taste,preparation, and presentation.The reputation of the manufacturer can also contribute to a product's gourmet nature.Many dark chocolates already meet these requirements, and will not disappoint.

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Dark Chocolate Coffee

The dark chocolate coffee combination has always been popular.Dark chocolate and coffee share similar histories, and have always gone well together,in drink or in solid form.

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Dark Chocolate Mint

Dark chocolate mint is one of my all-time favorite combinations,and is to me the culmination of man's historical fascination with mint.Dark chocolate bars and squares, with mint filling or mint infused withthe chocolate, are produced by many different manufacturers.

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Dark Chocolate Raspberries

A reader asked me how she could get dark chocolate raspberries in Australia.I hadn't looked into dark chocolate with raspberry before that note, so I spent a few days digging around,and came up with the list below.

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Dark Chocolate Oranges

Dark chocolate oranges are one of the most popular dark chocolate and fruit combinations.There's just something special about the citrus and chocolate combination. See some of the variety here.

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Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins

Dark chocolate covered raisins are a favorite that can be found from many well known,as well as many lesser known producers.Cover more than one raisin and you have a dark chocolate raisin cluster.And its always fun to find interesting dark chocolate bars containing raisins,and sometimes more.

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Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

There are basically three ways to enjoy dark chocolate covered cherries:individual cherries covered with dark chocolate,dark chocolate over cherries and some kind of filling,and dark chocolate bars containing cherry.

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Dark Chocolate Pecans

Dark chocolate pecans are wonderful in so many configurations:in fudge and brownies, clusters and bark, and in bars.I enjoy all kinds of nuts. And, perhaps because I grew up with family all over the American South,pecans have always been my favorite (just ahead of almonds).And they are so good with dark chocolate!

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Originally found only in very exclusive boutiques,Godiva chocolates can now be found worldwide. Still highly exclusive,these chocolates can now also be found in department stores,and even online.

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